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The website of VIVIEN SAUNDERS - well - that's pretty obvious!

Vivien welcomes all golfers to her website - for a mixture of ideas and thoughts on the great game of golf. For those who have no idea who she is, what she does and why on earth she has a website, it's simple. She is probably the best known British woman golfer, after Laura Davies, Alison Nicholas, Karen Stupples, Jodie Kidd and  200 professional women golfers in Britain who play the game better than she ever has, better than she ever will (now) and so on. Anyway, for those with a more serious view on golf Vivien was the founder of the Women's PGA, the first European to get a player's card on the LPGA in America, a former Women's British Open Champion - in 1977 (the same year Virginia Wade won Wimbledon) and she was England coach for 18 years - Vivien (not Virginia). Vivien has an MBA (in business administration - obviously), a PhD in sports psychology, an LLM in sports law and tax and she is a solicitor by profession - unless the Law Society has struck her off for wearing jeans and trainers!

Vivien owns her own golf courses - at Abbotsley in St. Neots in Cambridgeshire - and at Cambridge Meridian - in Cambridge! In 1997 Vivien was awarded the OBE for services to golf. The Royal and Ancient think it is against the rules of amateur status for Vivien to mention that she owns the golf courses, alongside any mention of her golfing prowess. So friends have been desperately trying to teach her to do cooking and flower arranging, in the vain hope that someone might imagine she got the OBE for services to domestic skills- women rather than women's golf.

Anyway, that's a bit about Vivien. She was a professional golfer from 1969 until 2000, at which time she decided to try to get back her amateur status from the Royal and Ancient, to have a few years to enjoy her own golf. In August 2003 she finally managed to retrieve her amateur status from the R and A sin bin, and has enjoyed some successes playing senior golf. Again, she can't mention winning the English Seniors' Strokeplay, playing for England in the Senior Home Internationals or European Championships, and be linked to owning golf courses. The R and A might disapprove.

So this website is actually produced by Vivien's cat, Edward Saunders. Edward is himself a golfer of note and we will include some photos of Edward. Edward may well lose his amateur status and be deemed to be a professional golfer. We have come across courses that don't allow dogs - the old no dogs and women joke - but never a restriction on cats. So here he is! He is hoping to get contracts with Ping, Calloway and Titleist in due course.

Anyway, take it or leave it. That's a bit about Vivien. Jump into her website and you may find some thoughts on the great game of golf to make you think, make you spit blood or make you a better golfer. Enjoy it!

And email Vivien at or email Edward at if you want to contact them

   Click the picture to see Annika, Viv's Cardigan corgi!