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The Regimental Mascot

Joining up golf is not that simple. It starts right from the top with the wonderful R and A and its men only policy.  Mind you – when you see some of the women ruining (sorry - running) golf you can see why they want to keep the male only preserve. What men do is to invite women to participate in their game. And those who are invited don’t see the problem of equality. “I’ve made it. It must be OK!”
The statutory woman is an important person in men’s only organisations. It is rather like an army regiment having a goat as its mascot. Dress it up smartly, make it look important and shove it out in front at ceremonial occasions. But the regiment can still be men only. The regiment isn’t made up of men and goats. It’s men only with the goat there for ceremonial show. 

That’s what the world of golf is like. Men only, with women in much the same position as the regimental mascot goat – dressed up in a blazer, made to feel important, shoved out for ceremonial occasions and with the pretence that they are part of it!


   Click the picture to see Annika, Viv's Cardigan corgi!